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Health and Safety

“Protection Through Simple Compliance”

There are currently over 200 pieces of UK safety legislation, placing a huge level of responsibility on business owners and managers. Complying with the requirements of these regulations can be both time-consuming and costly for your business.

Our qualified, experienced Consultants develop safety policies and procedures specifically tailored to our clients needs. Importantly, we will help to ensure that you comply with all relevant safety legislation, yet with the minimum demand on your time.

Your documentation and procedures will be automatically updated in line with new legislation so you can be reassured that you will always remain in compliance.

As a Client, you have exclusive access to a secure area of our web site where, using foolproof “Document Wizards”, you can easily create, amend, manage, file all your safety documentation.

Ongoing, practical support is available from your Consultant so that you need not be concerned by questions of safety and our 24-hour legal advice service means that you are guaranteed support whenever you need it most.

Should the worst happen, and legal proceedings are brought against you or your business, our indemnity insurance can provide the best legal representation to ensure the right outcome for you.

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