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“Financial protection if legal action is taken against you”

“Prevention is better than cure” Well, we all know that’s true; but sometimes it is impossible for an employer to have prevented an accident or avoid a situation that ends up in Tribunal.

Employment Tribunals are commonplace, are very expensive to defend, and can result in substantial awards against employers that can significantly affect the viability of a business.

Health & Safety prosecution can lead to hefty fines or even, in extreme cases, imprisonment of business owners.

Our clients have unrestricted access to our 24-hour advice service. This means that you are guaranteed support whenever you need it most. The 24-hour Telephone Advice Line is staffed by qualified solicitors with vast practical experience of the needs of businesses. You have the peace of mind of knowing that guaranteed real-world advice is available to you whenever it is needed.

Solid, guaranteed, advice will enable you to make timely decisions and help protect you from Employment Tribunals or prosecution by health & safety Enforcing Authorities.

Should the worst happen and legal proceedings are brought against you or your business, our indemnity insurance can provide the best legal representation to ensure the right outcome for you.

Our legal indemnity is provided by Europe’s largest legal insurance company and can cover your legal fees and Tribunal Awards up to £1million a year.